Lenovo SIM Network Unlock Guide


If you have a SIM locked Lenovo phone and don't know how to unlock it, you can find all the details about SIM unlock guide in this article. Unlocking is a confusing topic for those who are not familiar with the subject. For those who want to unlock a phone for the first time, how to do it and where to start is an unknown issue, but there is no need to worry about it. When you read our article, you will find the answers to all your questions and you will have enough information on how to do it.

What is Lenovo SIM Network Lock

The most frequently asked question is what is the SIM Network lock and why is it activated? SIM network lock is a lock activated by device manufacturers at the request of your carrier(Lenovo) selling the phone. When this lock is activated, the device works only with specific carrier's SIM cards and when a SIM card from another carrier is inserted, it won't allow the new carrier's SIM card and their services to work.

A device that is SIM locked to a particular carrier will only work with that carrier's SIM cards and services.

If you have a SIM-locked Lenovo phone and you want to unlock it, you can check the unlock services for your device from the link below.

Order Lenovo SIM Unlock Service

Unlock Info
Why is the SIM Lock Activated?

Carriers can offer special discounts or sell them with a specific contract (mobile plan) to make the phones they sell more attractive. Such promotions can be useful to compete with other companies and gain new users, but on the other hand, they may want to ensure that they can redeem the discounts they offer. So having their phones locked to their own network and SIM card is a way to guarantee users to use their service longer.
They can apply such a way to reduce the financial losses of the phones they sell with a certain contract and payment plan. If the user does not make their payments, it means loss for them. It can keep the phones of users who do not make their payments locked, allowing them to be used with other providers and rendering the phone non-functional for the person using the phone. Even if the phone is sold as second hand, the new buyer will only be able to use their own SIM cards.
Another reason is that it allows phones to be blocked in case they are lost in their shop or in transit. In addition, they can use this method to prevent malicious sellers in their stores from mixing payment plans and phones with fraudulent activities on fictitious users.
Locking the phones offers some benefits for the providers, but it can hurt users who buy their phones second hand or who want to switch to other operators for the entire contract period.

What are the Challenges for Users?

Although it protects providers against risks, it can cause difficulties for well-intentioned phone users.
- You bought a second-hand phone and found out that it is locked, if the company that sold the phone does not help you with the unlock, the phone may become useless.
- In addition, as a user who has completed your payments, you are not satisfied with your current mobile operator and their services and you want to switch to another provider, but the SIM lock may prevent you.
- You may encounter similar problems when you receive a gift phone or want to gift your phone to someone.
- If you went abroad and you want to buy a local prepaid SIM card and use it cheaply instead of paying expensive roaming fees, this lock may prevent you.

Can the SIM lock be removed?

After briefly answering the questions of what is it and why, we come to the answer to the most curious question; Yes, it can be removed.
Removing the SIM lock is mostly an easy process. In general, it is easy for most devices, although some models require a bit of effort on rare occasions.
Most phones on the market can be unlocked by entering the SIM network unlock code, removing the SIM lock and using it with other operators' SIM cards without any problems.
Although database updates are required for models that store Lock information in an Online database, such as the Apple Iphone, this is actually easy when you get help from professional companies like us.

Does the device manufacturer or Carrier remove the Lock?

Device manufacturers do not unlock end users' phones and usually advice users to contact to the mobile operator (Carrier) that sells the phone.

Carriers have their own unlock policies. If you meet eligibility conditions, they may unlock it, but they usually require you to be their customer and provide the correct account information for the phone. If you have received a used or gift phone, you may not be able to know the account information of the phone. In addition, carriers may not store the unlock information of old models in their databases, and even if you meet these conditions, they may not have the required unlock code. Some carriers say that users who meet eligibility conditions will unlock their phones, which may not always be possible.

If Carrier (Provider) Doesn't Unlock Phone

In this case, you can choose third-party websites such as ours that offer an unlock service.

We would like to give brief information to users who are wondering how the process is.

Lenovo SIM Network unlock codes are assigned by Lenovo during the production process and these codes are stored in the manufacturers' device information databases. Manufacturers allows access to these codes by authorized users (carriers, authorized service center, data provider .etc). We obtain the codes through our data providers using the Imei numbers of the devices and deliver them to the users who request them. The codes we provide are the original codes assigned by the manufacturer, so we guarantee that these codes will unlock your Lenovo phone.

Can I Trust Third Party Sites

You can trust honest sellers who take their job seriously, but that doesn't mean everyone is trustworthy. You can read the experiences of other users. You may be skeptical if the seller offers a price well below the service price in the market. We also recommend checking what you paid for before ordering, some sites say they get paid to check eligibility terms, which you can use to find out if the phone can be unlocked if it's a reasonable fee. We also recommend paying with seller-protected methods such as PayPal, rather than bit-coin or credit card.

Unlocking Technical information
How Lenovo Unlocking Works

When phones are first programmed, manufacturers activate (by request of carrier) a network lock on the phone that contains the carrier's information and allows it to work only with their SIM cards. The phone software checks whether the SIM card will work with the phone when a new SIM card is inserted. If you insert an original Carrier SIM card, the phone will work fine but when you insert an unauthorized SIM card the phone will ask you to enter the Network unlock code. This is actually a code confirming that you are authorized to use other providers' SIMs.

It is assumed that you have met the unlock eligibility requirements and thus, you have obtained this code. To unlock the phone, you only need to enter the code, then your phone will instantly be unlocked permanently and it will not ask you to enter this code again.

How Lenovo Unlock Codes Obtained

After mentioning that in order to unlock the phone, you need to enter the SIM Network Unlock Code, which confirms that you meet the unlock conditions, let's briefly explain how this code is obtained.
If your carrier provides this code, they will search their database for the phone's Imei number to check if the code is stored on their system. If the code is not in their system, they may request it from the manufacturer. If they do not request it from the manufacturer, they may say that they do not have the code.

Third party sites like us get the codes from manufacturer databases through data providers. Phone manufacturers always keep backups of codes in their databases and allow authorized parties to access to these codes. By using authorized data providers, we get the codes from the manufacturer's databases and deliver them to the requested users.

How Long does it Take to Get Codes

Receiving the code varies by brand and manufacturer. When an unlock code is requested, some manufacturers check and confirm this request. This approval period varies by manufacturer, carrier and phone brand. It takes as little as an hour to obtain codes from some databases, while for others it can take up to 3 days for approval.

Other Unlocking Questions
Is unlocking legal?

Unlocking is completely legal. Since the phone is yours, you can use it as you wish. No one can hold you responsible for any changes you make to your phone as long as you complete the payment of your phone. After paying for the phone, you can pick up a hammer and break it or throw it into the sea for fun. No one can accuse you for these.

How Safe Is Unlocking?

If you plug a USB cable into your phone and install an unreliable software you found on the Internet, it is possible that you may damage your phone. We recommend the unlock code method. This is the first preferred method by most manufacturers and also used by carriers and service centers. You enter the code on your phone via the keyboard and unlock the phone. With this method, it is not possible to damage your phone and its software. The SIM Network unlock Code method is the safest unlock method on the market

How to Make Sure unlock Code is Valid?

If the code is obtained from carrier or manufacturer databases, it is very unlikely that the code will not work.
The only way to be sure that the code is correct is to try and check if it unlocks the phone. If you have received an incorrect code, your phone will not confirm it. If you are purchasing the code from a third party site, be sure to check the site's return policy. If they offer a refund if the code doesn't work, it's okay to try, but if they give you the wrong code and don't refund, you can apply to your credit card company for a refund.
We recommend that you do not shop with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, in this case your chance of getting a refund is very difficult.

Is there a chance that the code will not work?

If you have requested or ordered a wrong code, it is possible that it may not work. For example, your phone is not SIM locked, but the 4 digits PIN of the SIM card is required. If you use the Network unlock code for the SIM card's own code, the network unlock code will not work because the Network Unlock Code is only needed for your phone to work with other providers. But the 4 digits PIN of the SIM card has nothing to do with the phone, it is only needed for local access to the SIM card. Likewise, if a user code that allows local access to your phone is required, the network unlock code may not work.
In addition, if your phone have been repaired in unauthorized services and a SIM locked firmware (which can be called the phone's software) is installed on phone that, the Network Unlock Code may be different from the one assigned by the manufacturer, in this case the manufacturer code may not work (If your phone is repaired at an authorized service center, it is fine because even if the code is changed, the phone will be updated in the manufacturer's database. and the old code is replaced with the new one).

Is SIM Network Unlock PIN code and SIM Code Different?

This issue is quite confusing and many people confuse the 4-digit PIN code, which is the code of the SIM card, with the 8 or 16-digit SIM network Unlock PIN code of the Phone.
The SIM Card's 4 digits PIN code is only required for local access to the SIM card and has nothing to do with the phone. The code is stored in the memory of the SIM card and when the SIM card is inserted in another phone, it remains on that SIM card.
The Phone's SIM Network Unlock PIN is stored in the phone's memory and has nothing to do with the SIM card. This lock allows SIM cards of a specific mobile operator to work and does not allow the phone to work with other providers services.
If you want to use your phone with other carriers, the code you need will be the SIM Network Unlock PIN.

Lenovo Unlocking Instruction
How to Enter Unlock Codes on my Phone

Although the unlock instructions may vary depending on the brand, they are mostly similar. For most brands, another carrier's SIM card is inserted into the phone and the process is completed by entering the valid unlock code. The differences are usually due to the descriptive terms used by the brands for the SIM Network Unlock code. We want to give general information for brands.

Lenovo: Lenovo Phones will ask you to enter Network unlock code or sim unlock code for unlock. When you get the Enter code message, type your unlock code to complete unlock process.

As you can see, unlocking the phone after obtaining the valid code is quite easy and does not require any technical knowledge. However, if you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to solve the problem.

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