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Your Sfr phone is SIM locked and does not work with other mobile operators. When you insert a SIM from another provider, it asks you for a SIM network unlock code and you do not know how to get this code. you are at the right place. We can provide the required network unlock code for your phone and help you to unlock it to other providers.

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Sfr SIM Network Lock

Sfr activates the SIM network lock on some of their phones. These phones will only work with Sfr's SIM cards and when other providers' SIM cards are inserted, your device usually display SIM locked message and it will ask you to enter the Sfr SIM network Unlock Code. If you have valid code, you can type this code on your phone and unlock it easily, and you can use it with other providers' SIMs without restrictions.

How does It Work

The unlocking is quite simple. When you insert a SIM from another provider, your Sfr phone will ask you to enter the SIM network unlock code. After you get this code, type it on your phone and it will be unlocked instantly. Obtaining a valid SIM network unlock code may be difficult for phone owners, but it is easy when you get help from professional companies like us.

Getting Sfr Unlock Code is Easy

Sfr SIM Network unlock codes are assigned by device manufacturer during the production process and these codes are stored in the manufacturers' device information databases. Manufacturers allows access to these codes by authorized users (carriers, authorized service center, data provider .etc). We obtain the codes manufacturer and carriers' device information databases through our data providers using device's unique Imei (serial) number and deliver them to the users who request them.

Guaranteed to Work

We provide are the original codes assigned by the manufacturer, so we guarantee that these codes will unlock your Sfr phone. If you encounter a problem during the unlocking process, we will do our best to help. If you are not satisfied with our service or encounter other problems, we offer a money-back guarantee for our unlock services as our first priority is always customer satisfaction. You can view our Refund Policy here.

No Conditions to Unlock

Mostly, no conditions are required to unlock your phone. It doesn't matter if your phone has an active plan with your current carrier or is used with another mobile account. You can unlock your phone and use it freely with any mobile service provider you want.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

We are aware that the prices of mobile phones are decreasing day by day and there are many affordable phones in the market. We believe that the unlock price of the phone should be affordable. In particular, it should not increase the total cost of used phones over the value.

In order to list the best price, we use optimized databases and search algorithm and determine the best price by device model and network. Also, we do not list expensive services and do not waste your money and time.

We would like to give brief information about the topics that our visitors are most curious about.

What is SIM Network lock?

This lock is set by the device manufacturer company, upon the request of the mobile operator (Sfr) selling the phone. When this lock is activated, your device will only work with Sfr's SIMs and other providers' SIMs and services won't work with device unless this lock is removed.

Why is SIM lock Activated on My Device?

There are various reasons to activate this lock. Some companies sell their devices at promotional (discounted) prices and want to guarantee their phones are used with their Services only so they will able to redeem this discount. Some companies prefers this method to prevent phones from being lost in transport or in the store, or from being sold by fraudulent methods. Some companies sell phones in installments to users and want to prevent the phone from working with other service providers' SIMs until the installments are over. Most of these have understandable reasons, but this can hurt users who buy the phone as a second hand or those who want to use their phone abroad.

How Safe Is Unlocking?

If you plug a USB cable into your phone and install an unreliable software you found on the internet, it is possible that you may damage your phone or install a malicious software. We offer the unlock code method. This method is the standard method determined by the manufacturer and used by carriers and service centers. You enter the code on your phone via the keyboard and unlock the phone. With this method, it is not possible to damage your phone and its software. The SIM Network unlock Code method is both the standard method determined by the manufacturers and the safest unlock method on the market.

How Are You Sure The Codes Are Valid?

SIM Network unlock codes are programmed into the phone by the manufacturer during production. After the manufacturers assign these codes to the phone, they take a backup and store them in their own database. When necessary, they allow mobile operators, service centers and authorized data providers to access these codes. We obtain the codes from the manufacturer database through data providers, these codes are the original codes assigned by the manufacturer, so we can be sure of their accuracy.

Are SIM Card Pin and Sim Network Unlock Pin different?

The most confusing part of the unlock process is the SIM card PIN and SIM Network Unlock PIN codes. We would like to give a brief information about this subject. SIM Card PIN Code and SIM Network Unlock PIN Code are not the same codes.

SIM Cart PIN is a 4 digit code and is stored inside the SIM card. Restricts access to SIM Card menu and Phone book. It has nothing to do with Network Code. It is carried to other devices along with the SIM card.

SIM Network Unlock PIN is a 8 or 16 digits unlock code. it is stored in the phone and allows only allowed Carrrier' (Sfr) SIM cards to work in phones. It is activated by the manufacturer by the request of the carrier (Sfr). In order to use phone with other providers, the unlock code assigned by the manufacturer must be entered.

My Phone Is Not Asking For an Unlock Code, Is It Still Locked?

Some devices may not ask for a Network unlock code. These phones are unlocked by updating the SIM lock status in the device information database. In addition, Apple devices (Iphones and Ipads) will not ask you to enter any code. These devices are unlocked remotely by updating the SIM Unlock status in the Apple Device Database.

If you are unsure whether your Device is locked or not, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can assist you in identifying if your device is SIM locked.

Is unlocking legal?

Unlocking is completely legal. Since the phone is yours, you can use it as you wish. No one can hold you responsible for any changes you make to your phone as long as you complete the payment of your phone. After paying for the phone, you can pick up a hammer and break it or throw it into the sea for fun. No one can accuse you for these.

Have More Questions?

If you want to get more detailed information, you may visit our Sfr unlocking guide page. On our page, you can find answers to almost any question you are looking for and learn about topics of interest and find answers to all technical and non-technical questions about Sfr mobile Unlock.

Sfr Mobile Device Unlocking Guide

Although the unlock instructions may vary depending on the brand, they are mostly similar. For most brands, another carrier's SIM card is inserted into the phone and the process is completed by entering the valid unlock code. The differences are usually due to the descriptive terms used by the brands for the SIM Network Unlock code. We want to give general information for device brands.

Apple Iphones: iPhones have advanced software and online services, so they often store information in online databases. Iphones store SIM lock information in Apple or Carrier databases, so they often don't ask for an unlock code. When you insert a foreign SIM into your phone, you will receive an 'Invalid SIM Card' or 'SIM not Supported' warning. Unlocking of iPhones is done with database update. The SIM lock information is updated as 'Unlocked' via the appropriate data provider and the user connects his phone to the internet via WI-FI and automatically updates the Lock information in the phone's local memory. No action is required for this. After updating his phone's SIM lock status, we will send a message and you will connect the phone to the internet and confirm it automatically. Iphone is one of the easiest phones to unlock.

Alcatel: In Alcatel Phones, the unlock code is mostly defined as Network Unlock Key. When the foreign SIM is inserted, it will ask you to enter the Network Unlock Key. You can complete the process by entering your unlock code.

HTC: HTC Phones will ask you to enter Network unlock code or SIM unlock code. When you get the Enter code message, type your unlock code to complete unlock process.

Nokia: When you insert a SIM card from another operator in your phone, your Nokia phone will ask you to enter the SIM Network Unlock Code. By typing the code, you can easily complete the unlock process.

LG: Most LG phones are unlocked with the network unlock code. In rare cases, some phones may ask for the service provider code. Our LG unlock code service provides both codes, so you can enter the code asked and unlock your phone instantly.

Huawei: Your Huawei phone will ask you to enter the SIM Unlock code. This code is actually the SIM network unlock code. In rare cases, some phones may ask for the Service provider code. If you need this code, you can get it by choosing the appropriate service when ordering. For Unlock, it is sufficient to enter the code when requested.

Samsung: Samsung phones are unlocked with the 'SIM Network Unlock PIN' code. After receiving the valid code, enter the code on your phone when prompted and your phone will be unlocked instantly. Unlock is permanent, you do not need to re-enter the code.

Some Samsung Phones may have 'Service Provider Unlock Code' active. In this case, you need to enter the service provider code. We provide this code with some of our services, if you need the service provider code, you can choose the service that provides this code during the order.

On Samsung phones, if you enter the unlock code incorrectly many times, the unlock code entry counter on your phone will be reset and you will be asked to enter the MCK (Master Reset Key). If you need MCK, you can order it by selecting the appropriate service.

ZTE: ZTE phones are unlocked with the network unlock code. When your phone asks you to enter the code, you can enter the unlock code and complete the unlock process.

As you can see, unlocking the phone after obtaining the valid code is quite easy and does not require any technical knowledge. However, if you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to solve the problem.

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